Saturday, June 14, 2008

Human Network

Respect your co-workers and watch your mouth. That's a golden rule in professional environments, especially for juniors.

One of my co-workers criticized another one. He was complaining about him. As we were driving back home, I was thinking about watching more and more what comes out of my mouth.

Never complain, never explain. As a matter of fact, that guy was led off by the company. It's true that Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.

On the other side, I believe that continuous social networking (I mean the positive one) is a way to succeed in life.
I know quite a lot of people in my professional environment. However, I know less people in my "entertainment" environment. I blame nobody but me. I didn't establish solid relationships during my school years. I was submerged by studies. I may exagerate a little, but I believe it's the price to pay to be successful in something.

There's no such thing as Money for Nothing. Life is full of sacrifice. Study your options well and be willing to give with a smiling heart.

my ennemy

Who is your ennemy? Everybody had some time ago an ennemy. As for me, I am sometimes my own ennemy.

Does it sound strange? think about it. You do something bad to yourself. But you enjoy it. You feel a temptation that might harm you. But you enjoy it. You waste time. But you enjoy it. You listen to a sad song and you enjoy it. You feel angry, sad, bored. But deep within yourself you like it.
Aren't you your ennemy too?