Sunday, May 31, 2009

One Year and An Evaluation

It's been a year since I've been designated by my company as a resident network administrator within UBCI BNPParibas bank, which is one of my company's favourite clients.
This one year was:
- one year of improving social skills,
- almost 7 monthes of learning,
- 9 monthes of eating lunch outdoors,
- 4 monthes of wearing suits :)
- 3 monthes of absolute boredom and routine,
- 3 weeks of anxiety.
Overall, I was satisfied. I discovered how networking fits into business. I interacted with Packaging team, Systems team, Computer Support team, directors and learned how to talk to different categories of people within the bank.
However, I still feel that I can do and give better. I'm a person who's very influenced by the level of its collegues at work. So when my collegues are competent, I do my better to become one too. But if they're not, I lack motivation to get better.
Let's hope the better is to come.