Sunday, August 30, 2009

Anthony Robbins: Personal Power 2

I recently got back to this personal improvement program.
Actually, I'm a personal development fan. I always seek knowledge to improve myself. I'm a person who's always seeking for better. I believe there's always another level.

Let's return to the subject. Personal Power program is easy to learn and to practice. It's organized in days: day 1, day2,...
Here's day 7 mind map:
Things do not change, we change - Tony Robbins

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Skill acquired

I always have been a fan of colors. Even at work, when I'm learning a new technology, I usually have highlight color pens with me.
Months ago, I discovered mind mapping. It's a brilliant idea. But, I found it a little painful to draw them on paper: layout choice, what to write, choice of colors,...
Now, I discovered Imindmap software, by Tony Buzan. A great tool. However there is a free version of it, called FreeMind, which is nice too.
From now on, I'll be mindmapping any interesting subject I read.
Here's my new non-technical mind map. Enjoy :)