Thursday, April 14, 2011

Going Loud II

I came across my old post "Going Loud" and felt cold in my knees. I used to enjoy my time and now I'm all job-oriented. One girl told me she grew old with me. I was old.
Now I put hard rock and heavy metal in my car during daily commute. Hobbies are inevitable to maintain a healthy soul, just as food is necessary for the body. I was comtaminating people around me with my bad mood these days because I could not get the job I wanted.
Between being an all-rounded geek and having a balanced life, I choose the second.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Careful choosing your friends

Friends matter. Don't tell me that you can face the problems of life without them. They are the ones that you can lean on whenever it becomes tough. Whenever you fell suffocated, mistreated, heart-broken, sad, depressed, they are here to help you with a word, a thought, an advice or even a smile.
Yesterday I met an old friend. I hesitated at first, then I said let's give it a try. But my intuition was right. I didn't enjoy it at all. Worse, I was watching the clock :-) Some people are just like that. They bother you and annoy you unconsciously.
Some people are like parasites on your book pages. Don't get angry. They didn't mean to harm you. But, they're called parasites after all. They landed here to teach you something. There are people who will make you cry, and there are people who have kind personality and still are friendly even a year since the last time you met them.
The point is, you must avoid parasites -if you have the choice-, or at least just greet them and go on, for your time is precious and deserves to be spent with easy-going and cheerful friends.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Keep the Faith

Tonight my girlfriend broke up with me. She said she feels bad when she's with me. She says that I'm sweet. I fell into the Nice Guy syndrom.
I felt very sad, like when the last girl left me. tears fell down like a shocked baby. I'm a sensitive man.
But I'll keep the faith in Allah, for He is the Creator of circumstances. This incident should make me stronger and more focused on what is true and what is not. It'll make me believe more that I deserve a person who is willing to give back, to love and to share.

But how did I end up here? Months ago, I was confident with women around me. I was enjoying being me, since I was following great PUAs. And the results were positive.
Today, I realize that I turned into a Wussy. I often buy gifts, I always take her back home, I sound nice on the phone, I anticipate thoughts and avoid hurting her, I gave her power to choose and to decide sometimes. I also noticed that I got distracted by other girls when I was with my girlfriend. That meant that I was not confident. The biggest mistake I made was to tell her that I fear being seduced by some other beautiful girl. Terrible mistake! All of that is accumulation of mistakes. All of that lead to where I am now and what I feel. Even if you're the most honest and kind guy, that does not make her more attracted to you, I can tell.
Now I'm paying the price of being too nice, too weak and too future-oriented.

Action to take? I am going to rediscover the dormant man in me and awake him. I'm going to revisit my old DD programs..

What are you worth?

A collegue of mine is thinking about leaving the company. He has already 4 years experience in Unix/database. He's been offered almost 2000DT/month to work in another big company.
When I think about it, and observe my situation, doubts rush through my mind. Have I made the right move by coming here? When should I stop underestimating my professional skills?
So, what are you worth?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Finding Energy

It's monday morning. I'm feeling tired. My eyes are burning. I didn't study enough yesterday. It's April 4th, and I have many topics to practice yet for the exam. I've been thinking about my emotional life and where it was heading. But with that, I lost precious time: half a sunday.
Ok, nobody is perfect, and I have some flaws in my discipline. And I need more energy. I need more focus. I'll concentrate on my studies and work and leave emotional stuff for a later time.
Some of the tips I read are:
- eat vegetables and fruits. Diversify colors,
- drink a lot of water,
- be an early achiever. I took this from Brian Tracy. It's been two days that I get up early-around 4am. Of course, I sleep early too. I may miss night activities, but there are more important things to do in life than idling on Facebook or watching a movie.
- incantations. I still do them every morning. I can't stress them enough.
- Stay correct with Allah, and He may send you His blessings.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Job offer

I've been interviewed yesterday by a project manager of a medium IT company.
On my way to the company, I was doing incantations. Are there intense incantations and light incantations? I don't think so, since incantations must inevitably be done with the whole mind being involved in the belief. So talking about incantations or intense incantations is the same thing.
I arrived in time. I was feeling confident and energetic. I sat for the interview. The manager seemed uninterested at first. He thought that maybe I would not qualify for the Networking Technical Manager.
"I was not applying for it", I said. "I'm applying for a Network Consultant position".
He was relieved because, given my young experience and my modest CV, it seemed to be quite difficult to suit the position.
He bombarded me with very easy technical questions. I was wondering if he was serious :-) Then we spoke in French, and in English, to see my linguistic skills.
At the end of the interview, I was sure I was going to take the job. It was obvious, from the eyes of my interviewer, that I was the best shot he could get :-)
On my way home, I was very satisfied with my performance.
At home I was thinking about quitting the job and preparing for the new one. I asked an old co-worker about the situation. Long story short, he advised me to wait until July, date of Tunisia presidential elections. After that, it's very likely that many prestigious companies will open offices in my country.
So I'll wait. And meanwhile, I'll read, I'll learn, I'll practice and be ready for opportunities when they come..

"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity", Seneca (5 BC - 65 AD)