Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Feeling stuck

I'm fed up. I feel pain. This is not for me.
- "what's his job?"
-" he's an engineer at Renault. He needs a credit to build a home. Is it possible?"
-" yes sure"
-" his father delayed his travel due to bad weather. Do you recruit here?"
-" yes. He should go through three interviews. We recruit the elite of the elite, don't we?" (talking to me).
I stood silent, sweat on my forehead,
Engineer at Renault...I'm an engineer too, plugging an RJ-45 cable...

-"I sat for the CAPES on monday."

-" Have you considered continuing your studies and teaching?"

-" Have you thought about studying abroad?"

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Asking good questions

Sometimes it seems that things don't go as expected. Sometimes I think I made mistakes or I did bad calculations. But what if I was asking myself wrong questions? What if I say to myself :
- what do I really want, if I knew it was achievable?
- what can I do, to enjoy my time more?
- what are the things I'm grateful to Allah for right now?
- How can I improve my lifestyle, my health and my relationships?
- what if I was in the right relationship with the right girl, and I wasn't noticing it?
- what if all this is part of my experience?
- what if all the things around me happen for a reason?
- what if I could achieve anything I want in life and I wasn't aware of my potential?
- what if I had the potential to surpass all the people I knew in my life?
What if?