Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sometimes We Need not Judge Faces

Sometimes people fake the truth, mutilate reality, lie and hide feelings with logic. Sometimes you think that somebody is bad, untrustful. But you discover by yourself that he wants to help and that he's innocent.
I'm worried these times about my transition to the new job. It's not about the job itself, but about making peace with my employer. These times I'm discovering people who are willing to give advice. I'm making new images of them in my mind and heart. Thank you guys.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

"It's Who You Know". But I'm OK with That

"What's her background? she studied at INSAT? ok, I have a friend at Divona Telecom. I'll suggest her to him and we'll see what happens". This is a pattern I hear a lot.
I remember myself, struggling to have a job after I graduated from college. I remember being the Sys Admin of a small company. I remember how I used to go upstairs and downstairs all day long trying to "fix" everything related to computers, printers and Internet. Funny memories. I remember one day I woke up very tired and told my boss "I have a huge headache, I can't come to work", haha.
It's ok if people less competent get better positions. Sooner or later, the best people get rewarded, if not by their current employer, it will be by other ones. The best people in IT have radiant positive reputation that flows through the IT cloud. I saw competent people being grabbed from their current positions to better ones.
Let me correct that. "It's who you know, when you're positively known, that matters".

It's About to Change

I signed a new contract with an emerging bank, the one I talked about in previous posts. The IT infrastucture is still basic: no routing yet, no VLANs, no IP Telephony. work late most days, with an experienced IT team, being one of the few first people who built the network... I'm going to be the network engineer. It sounds so interesting.
However, my current employer doesn't want to release me before March. So I told them that I won't be able to stay after january 15. This may lead to further complications and even to paying some compensation to the company. I'm psychologically ready for this. It's a price to pay, and, if it's one step further towards my goals, I'll do it and accept the consequences.
Why am I taking this road? Because I'll have the opportunity to "see" a large network growing from the start. I'll be able to deal with switching, routing and IP Telephony on a daily basis. I'll learn how to document. I'll learn some project management skills. I'll be able to gain specialized networking/VOIP skills.
It will take time.

Tough Choice - part IV

In my previous post "Tough Choice - part III" I talked about a job offer that has been presented to me. It was about computer&network security in a large emerging bank.
After I declined it, the Network&Security manager called me a few weeks ago to tell me that an equal opportunity rose, in networking now. I was very happy to hear that. Not only the company is building its network from the ground up, but also it relies on teams of experienced people, even brilliant people I already worked with :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Improving Memory

I got a famous memory improvement book: How to Develop a Perfect Memory, by Dominic O'Brien. I only tried one technique to remember numbers in my BCMSN exam. It works!
For example, I want to remember the Bridge Priority that results after spanning-tree vlan x root primary. It's 24576. Here's how I do it:
  1. 24: is my birthday.
  2. 5: there are 5 presents on my birthday table
  3. 7: 7 guests are sitting in the living room, watching me quietly
  4. 6: I hear my cousine on the hall saying "it's 6".
Brilliant work, Brian.
I'm going to apply it more and more now for my BCMSN exam.