Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's About to Change

I signed a new contract with an emerging bank, the one I talked about in previous posts. The IT infrastucture is still basic: no routing yet, no VLANs, no IP Telephony. work late most days, with an experienced IT team, being one of the few first people who built the network... I'm going to be the network engineer. It sounds so interesting.
However, my current employer doesn't want to release me before March. So I told them that I won't be able to stay after january 15. This may lead to further complications and even to paying some compensation to the company. I'm psychologically ready for this. It's a price to pay, and, if it's one step further towards my goals, I'll do it and accept the consequences.
Why am I taking this road? Because I'll have the opportunity to "see" a large network growing from the start. I'll be able to deal with switching, routing and IP Telephony on a daily basis. I'll learn how to document. I'll learn some project management skills. I'll be able to gain specialized networking/VOIP skills.
It will take time.


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