Muslim Pyramid of Mastery

Have you heard of Tony Robbins? If you are into personal development stuff and you have not heard of him, then you are seriously missing something :) Really, Tony Robbins is a reference in this area and I recommend that you pick one of his books like Personal Power 2 or Awaken The Giant Within.

Tony Robbins lives and breathes personal development. He established a model of living that he calls "The Pyramid of Mastery". According to him, it contains an ordered list of the area we should work on, to live an extraordinary life. In fact, it decomposes personal development in 7 areas:

However, in the muslim world, we give great importance to the spiritual side of life, since we firmly believe in life after death and in judgement day.
So I suggest a muslim version of the Mastery Pyramid in the following diagram:

muslim pyramid of life mastery

The sections int this blog map to the Muslim Pyramid of Mastery. So feel free to scroll articles in whatever area of your life you want to improve.

What if I'm not a muslim, will I find any value reading your blog?
Absolutely! Talking religion, Islam has many common traits with other religions such as Christianism or Judaism. Don't just let the media influence you.
 Religion set aside, these principles are universal and, like I did, I learned most of them from personal development gurus: Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Ibrahim Elfiky...

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