Sunday, January 5, 2014

A visit to the Zoo

When I was young, one of my favourite places was the zoo. I loved to see monkeys, the tiger, the elephant... I loved to throw pop-corn to ducks too. The zoo seemed to be a gate to a wonderland for the kids of us. It's a place that reminds me of innocence, happiness and disconnection from the world. We used to have only one zoo in the whole country. People came from all over the places, especially on holidays.

Today, more than fifteen years later, I went to the same place, with my wife and my kid. What's remarkable is that: 
- prices are almost the same
- people have the same excitement and immediately rush across the gate as soon as they get the tickets :)

Another thing that I've noticed was the big number of ambulant merchants here and there, inside the zoo, on the pathway: Harkous, Barbe-à-papa, pop corn,...These guys are making a living out of almost nothing. They are selling toys, sandwiches, candies... It makes you wonder what does it cost to start a tiny business like that?

(photo credit: Bastien)

A new baby blog is born

Since this blog was early a footprint of my random thoughts and life experiences, I decided to export my technical posts to another blog. Thus, the CertStuff blog was born.