Thursday, December 17, 2009

"It's Who You Know". But I'm OK with That

"What's her background? she studied at INSAT? ok, I have a friend at Divona Telecom. I'll suggest her to him and we'll see what happens". This is a pattern I hear a lot.
I remember myself, struggling to have a job after I graduated from college. I remember being the Sys Admin of a small company. I remember how I used to go upstairs and downstairs all day long trying to "fix" everything related to computers, printers and Internet. Funny memories. I remember one day I woke up very tired and told my boss "I have a huge headache, I can't come to work", haha.
It's ok if people less competent get better positions. Sooner or later, the best people get rewarded, if not by their current employer, it will be by other ones. The best people in IT have radiant positive reputation that flows through the IT cloud. I saw competent people being grabbed from their current positions to better ones.
Let me correct that. "It's who you know, when you're positively known, that matters".


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