Monday, April 11, 2011

Careful choosing your friends

Friends matter. Don't tell me that you can face the problems of life without them. They are the ones that you can lean on whenever it becomes tough. Whenever you fell suffocated, mistreated, heart-broken, sad, depressed, they are here to help you with a word, a thought, an advice or even a smile.
Yesterday I met an old friend. I hesitated at first, then I said let's give it a try. But my intuition was right. I didn't enjoy it at all. Worse, I was watching the clock :-) Some people are just like that. They bother you and annoy you unconsciously.
Some people are like parasites on your book pages. Don't get angry. They didn't mean to harm you. But, they're called parasites after all. They landed here to teach you something. There are people who will make you cry, and there are people who have kind personality and still are friendly even a year since the last time you met them.
The point is, you must avoid parasites -if you have the choice-, or at least just greet them and go on, for your time is precious and deserves to be spent with easy-going and cheerful friends.


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