Thursday, April 7, 2011

Keep the Faith

Tonight my girlfriend broke up with me. She said she feels bad when she's with me. She says that I'm sweet. I fell into the Nice Guy syndrom.
I felt very sad, like when the last girl left me. tears fell down like a shocked baby. I'm a sensitive man.
But I'll keep the faith in Allah, for He is the Creator of circumstances. This incident should make me stronger and more focused on what is true and what is not. It'll make me believe more that I deserve a person who is willing to give back, to love and to share.

But how did I end up here? Months ago, I was confident with women around me. I was enjoying being me, since I was following great PUAs. And the results were positive.
Today, I realize that I turned into a Wussy. I often buy gifts, I always take her back home, I sound nice on the phone, I anticipate thoughts and avoid hurting her, I gave her power to choose and to decide sometimes. I also noticed that I got distracted by other girls when I was with my girlfriend. That meant that I was not confident. The biggest mistake I made was to tell her that I fear being seduced by some other beautiful girl. Terrible mistake! All of that is accumulation of mistakes. All of that lead to where I am now and what I feel. Even if you're the most honest and kind guy, that does not make her more attracted to you, I can tell.
Now I'm paying the price of being too nice, too weak and too future-oriented.

Action to take? I am going to rediscover the dormant man in me and awake him. I'm going to revisit my old DD programs..


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