Friday, April 1, 2011

Job offer

I've been interviewed yesterday by a project manager of a medium IT company.
On my way to the company, I was doing incantations. Are there intense incantations and light incantations? I don't think so, since incantations must inevitably be done with the whole mind being involved in the belief. So talking about incantations or intense incantations is the same thing.
I arrived in time. I was feeling confident and energetic. I sat for the interview. The manager seemed uninterested at first. He thought that maybe I would not qualify for the Networking Technical Manager.
"I was not applying for it", I said. "I'm applying for a Network Consultant position".
He was relieved because, given my young experience and my modest CV, it seemed to be quite difficult to suit the position.
He bombarded me with very easy technical questions. I was wondering if he was serious :-) Then we spoke in French, and in English, to see my linguistic skills.
At the end of the interview, I was sure I was going to take the job. It was obvious, from the eyes of my interviewer, that I was the best shot he could get :-)
On my way home, I was very satisfied with my performance.
At home I was thinking about quitting the job and preparing for the new one. I asked an old co-worker about the situation. Long story short, he advised me to wait until July, date of Tunisia presidential elections. After that, it's very likely that many prestigious companies will open offices in my country.
So I'll wait. And meanwhile, I'll read, I'll learn, I'll practice and be ready for opportunities when they come..

"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity", Seneca (5 BC - 65 AD)


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