Sunday, July 27, 2008

Girls that want girls

We call them Lezbians. I don't know where that word comes from.
I've been thinking about this subject. Here's my theory. It's local, not universal because every country has its culture.
Most of lezbians are gorgeous. They are more exposed to flirting that ordinary girls. So they get higher and higher self esteem. But they are still human and need "male" affection. What can they do? A lezbian can have fun times with her lez partners. In the same time, she can keep her virginity.
When a lezbian gets older and faces pressure from her family and environment, she thinks about marriage. She wants to have babies. She needs a "fertilizer". She stops all her foolish activities and tries to attract the richest guy that introduces himself to her family. By rich I mean he has a car, a house and a nice job. Poor guy.
I hope that my theory is wrong despite it's logical.


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