Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tough Choice

Days ago, I've been asked by a client if I would accept to work for him, instead of my current employer. The job is about network and voip administration in a bank.
I already worked for this bank. I know their people, their network,... I knew the feelings of boredom, anxiety.
In fact, I didn't like my last months with this client. I got bored and I was stuck into doing non-networking and irrelevant (to me) tasks.

Today I announced my decision. It's a no. No to a higher salary, no to a comfortable life, no to routine.
Some people may say that I made a stupid decision. Actually, I would have made one if I had accepted the job offer. The latter choice would mean no international career, no beautiful house, no BMW, ... on the long run.

My current employer pays me less money and sometimes does not refund my services. It doesn't offer health insurance and other benefits. However, the huge amount of knowledge that's offered to us and the valuable projects we deal with compensate - at least for the few years ahead - the lack of other benefits.
For that, I won't tell about it my co-workers, for they will blame me for the money I refused. Poor simple-minded people.

CCIE is the top of the pyramid. I need to build its basis, alone sometimes.
I need to make more sacrifices. That's what I keep saying to myself. Sometimes I feel pain, anxiety. Yes it's part of it.
Let's stick with BSCI for now.

"Life is like a buffet. You've got to pay full price first then enjoy the meal"


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