Thursday, March 25, 2010

A new job and a new lifestyle

I got the new job. Now I'm the network administrator of an emerging bank. The infrastructure is pretty sophisticated. All network gear is Cisco and most security stuff is around Juniper. That's a robust combination.
I admit that I still don't master all the details of the new network infrastructure. I discover it bit by bit along the way. My boss and my team collegues are nice. Each day, we come back home around 8.30 at least; we learn a lot.
On another side, I feel a new lifestyle is established. The kind of guy who works all week, rarely checks his personal mailbox, cuts off 98% of his social life, considers time management more and more,... that's a change :-)
Despite the salary is less than I used to earn on my previous job, I feel that I'm learning each day a lot of stuff.
May Allah be with me.


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