Saturday, July 23, 2011

Movies that will change your Thinking

- Into the Wild
- 127 Hours
- Pursuit of Happiness
- Memento

The first two ones are the most touching. Happiness is not by owning a lot of things; it occurs when we share those things. Sharing is the key. Share a smile, share a kiss, share a piece of sandwich, ... We neglect a lot of moments with our parents, our siblings, our family.. But we sit down and look back at them, we see that we did not give enough importance to those moments. We just let them slip. We only have a copy of them in our memories, then.
Why regret when we could have lived them better? I made a lot of mistakes because I tend to improve my thinking every day. I am sure I am a lot different from me of last year. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to live frustration, because frustration is what led me to think about changing and improving myself.
I'm in a constant search for effective tools and strategies for that matter.
Each time I feel frustrated that's a signal of either impatience or misconceived belief. Either way, I have to sit back and think.


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