Friday, August 15, 2008

Big deal

Some time ago, I began to think about getting back to my company's HQ. I am grateful to God that I've been accepted to work as a "détaché" in a large bank in my country. However, that wouldn't mean a lot in reality anymore.

I now know almost 95% of the whole client internetwork. But there are no new technologies. There's a VOIP project coming in the way. I rather prefer improve my skills on Juniper products immediately than to wait for VOIP. I feel I'm getting rusty. I need new challenges, big ones, larger projects, more practice, more team work,...

Some co-workers told me that I've been recruited especially for that bank. I felt a little abused when I heard that. I'm not a backup tire. I value my career more than any company's needs. But I am sniper-like patient.


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