Friday, July 24, 2009

Time goes on

I need to restructure my time. My CCNP studies are still pending. I do have free time. But I lost a bit of the drive to continue these days. I feel I need to unwind for a while and to reevaluate my time.

Online chat is a time-consuming fatal drug. Many people I chat with were VERY close-minded. I'd rather stick with my "off-line" friends and to my dear lonely guitar.
I need to go on a holiday to refresh my mind and to re-focus. Fortunately, my family scheduled next week to go to Mahdia,Tunisia.

I still do the things that consumes my free time. Something is missing. Or maybe I failed to understand some of the things that're happening around me.

I have my career waiting for me. I need to focus on my dreams. Only I can realize them. Only I can decide who are my friends. Only I can decide how attractive I am, how successful I am, how happy I am.

"But now it seems Im just a stranger to myself
And all the things I sometimes do
It isnt me but someone else" - Iron Maiden


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