Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new year 2010

What's the difference? a year has gone, another year has come. If I keep doing the same mistakes, feeling the same, behaving the same, then I don't see what 2010 could be any better.
As I read my success journal at work on December 29 of 2009, I realized that I was a big dreamer and a better goal-oriented man on May 2008. It's obvious. One year has passed and little improvement occured. In 2009, I also see that my goals weakened. Instead of my 2008 dreams and goals, I set for more comfortable and less challenging ones. I took less and less action. I got comfortable with my situation. I got stuck in the daily routine and worrying each single night about my goals. I was also doubting my abilities and my dreams. There were a lot of questions in my head, as if somebody was whispering "you can't get that. Get realistic!".
What is "real"? How do you define "real"?, Morpheus said.
Is it what I see each day around me? Is it the people that have plenty of time for themselves and their beloved ones? Is it the men who enjoy the company of a beautiful wife? Is it the financially-independant guys who do what they love daily? Or is it a life of killing routine, of stress, of no challenges, of no personal fulfillment? When I thought about this, and compared it to myself and to my actions, I sometimes felt so depressed that I went to bed at 8pm, tears in my eyes.

I'm not being pessimistic here. Maybe I'm wrong in the eyes of some of you. The truth here is I'm fed up with explaining the facts with false truths. I'm fed up with mere hopes like many people. "I hope things will get better for me... I hope I'll be CCNP by the end of this year.."
So it's time to see the facts as they are. It's time to measure to which degree different areas of my life suck as I'm watching the movie and recognizing myself as the main protagonist.

May Allah make this year full of conscious and consistent life-improving actions for me and all of you.
Happy new year 2010.


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