Sunday, January 10, 2010

Meeting the CEO

Tomorrow I'll have a meeting with our CEO about my resignation. It won't be easy because he's stubborn. Besides, my company could lose a contract because of it.
However, I can not stay any longer in the company. I see no focused professional growth for it, in my opinion. One day I work on Juniper gear, another one on very old WAN technology like ISDN. One day I went with a technician to dust off some client equipement. Is that a job for an engineer? It's stupid how the engineer is devalued here. We only get training when a contract is on the way. For example, I went to a Juniper training last summer. What did I do with it? nada.
I'd like to focus on Cisco technology. That's where the real networking industry is. The more focused skills I have, the higher in demand I'll be in the future. I prefer to be a routing/switching/voip guru than have a lot of fix-here-fix-there experience.
I'm going to prepare my speech this evening. In the worst or in the best, this week will be my last in the company.
We'll see what'll happen tomorrow.

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  1. Good luck to you, Wassim. It's always hard to leave a job, but, if it's obvious that you've not making any progress, it's definitely time to go.