Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Almost 28 Days Later

The CEO rejected my premature resignation. He had a very strong personality and self-confidence, I admit it. In my one-and-a-half year of working at SATEC, I only discussed with him twice.
In a second attempt to quit my job early, he refused.
One of my collegues was blaming me. Some may be making fun of me. He told me that I made big mistakes. I don't believe it. They are just mistakes, and I learned from them. At least, I'm courageous enough to get rejected twice despite what some people here may think. At least, I'm trying and growing.
So what now? my future employer told me that it's OK to wait for me until the 1st of March. Good news. Besides, I won't care for the future of this company anymore. Everyday I'll come here, have some chat, learn some Cisco stuff and leave. That'll be the schedule until the end of this month. They wanted it that way, they'll get it.
A good thing too is that all of the Support team are cool. I enjoy their presence a lot.


  1. The idea of rejecting a resignation is very foreign to me. If I wanted to quit my job, I don't even need to give notice; I can just call in and say I'm not coming back.

    I'm glad things are eventually working out for you, Wassim. The new job should be exciting.

  2. In fact, they rejected mine :), I guess the CEO is so mad to have lost the contract that he wanted to "punish" me. Apart from having to go everyday to work with somebody you no longer want to work with :), I enjoy being duty-free right now. I also have a bunch of BCMSN books on my desk that I can read from time to time.
    So I have to wait until february expires, then I'll be legally free to leave.