Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Raise Your Standards

Let me say it again. Raise your standards, in every area in your life:
- find another job, if you aren't satistfied with your actual one, or be active searching,
- if you exercise regularly, then great. Otherwise, alpha man takes care of his body as well as his mind
- if you're in an average to low value relationship then change it. If you're single, then aim at high quality women. Don't involve yourself into quick relationships just to feel some intimacy. You're the prize. Women should win you, not the other way around.
It's going to be tough, whether you do meditation, incantations, Morty Lefkoe Method, or any other tool. There will be times where you'll have feelings of anxiety and memory flashbacks. You'll even say "I messed it up. I should have done this and that". But, go ahead, because life is full of unexpected wonderful events and situations.
Raise your standards, and it all begins in your mind


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