Monday, October 14, 2013

P90X Progress, Part 1

As you may have read, I began the P90X program some time ago. It's a long journey. Now I'm at the last week of the program. And believe me, it's as hard as the first.
Let me tell you why: it takes a LOT of discipline NOT to fall in the trap of "I'm seeing results. So a a chocolate cake after dinner won't harm"!

The 13th week seemed hard to me because I got ill in the middle of it.  Although I'm using the chunking technique to finish each session, I still haven't made it to the end!

So, if you're a P90X student, you may face three big stones:

Stone 1: in the beginning of the program
Program routines will seem long and hard. It will seem to take a lifetime to finish a one-minute workout :)

Stone 2: in the middle of the program
you'll wonder "why am I repeating the same workout over and over? ". You'll see small improvements in your body and in your mood. This is the best time for quitters to quit :)

Stone 3: near the end
This is for the fans of the unachieved tasks like me :) you have no more patience. And, if you did not stick to the program daily, you'll wonder why you aren't having the same results as those guys in Youtube :)

What's your stone?


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