Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My best time to work out

I run a relatively busy schedule, between health, family, job and career. When I work out in the evening, my spouse gets upset that I don't spend time with her and the baby. When I work out on weekends, I get interrupted and my spouse asks me to buy her some items or go shopping. When my mom sees me working out, she gets upset too because she thinks that physical workout tires me :)

I must no stop exercising just to please others, at the price of losing my health and deteriorating my psychology.

So I had to rethink my workout time. And I thought "what's the best time for workout, while having the biggest amount of energy and not getting caught?"

P90X best time to work out

Yep. While most people are getting up of bed or doing their stuff, I would be warming up for my P90X session :) and believe me, it has a great feeling after each morning session!

So if you're following a workout program, or if you're doing some kind of physical exercise, what is your best time to do it?

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