Monday, December 30, 2013

bossDo you often feel you need the validation of your boss in order to feel happy? Do you often need him/her to tell you "nice job!" or "this is good work!" to feel satisfied? What if you get off your desk and get home in time, do you feel somewhat guilty?
If you're at that point, then you probably have in your mind somethings that says "your boss should not be angry with you or your day will be a mess".

When asked "what should you do with your boss?", they respond that you should make his priorities you priorities, that you should help him reach his goals...But what if your boss does not value your personal time after 5pm? What if he considers your job undone, no matter how serious you work during the day?

I often times fall in this trap too. I found an interesting approach made by Aaron McHugh.

I bookmarked his website so that I can come to it later and read it. Basically, Aaron shows simple ways to re-think your beliefs and truths, about your boss and your work in general..

(photo credit: Craig Howell)


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