Wednesday, September 30, 2009

After the Interview

I attended an interview this morning. Orange Telecoms is opening in our country so I gave it a try.
They called me the day I was in Kef and scheduled an interview.
There were 3 preliminary tests. Too many logic tests. Where the Hell did they come from? :) I got a headache after.
Then I met the recruitement agent, a young man in his early 30s. After some routine questions he asked me where I "see " myself on the company hierarchy.
I was disappointed. They have an already fixed hierarchy. Old stuff, old management.
I inquired about "consultant" and "application administrator" positions. Neither of them interested me. So I pointed upper.
"You have not the right qualifications to get that position. You are too young. We can't give you project management positions yet. What would employes say if they are supervised by a younger man?.."
I accepted every thing he mentioned, except the last sentence.
"What do I need to do to get that position?" " - work hard, work in projects".
On my way home, I felt that a new challenge is facing me. I need to think more about my current work now. I need to work on large projects, not on small troubleshooting tasks.
My current company is facing problems. We're losing contracts because of bad management. The problem is that we - support team- are aware of it, but managers aren't.
I'll wait and see what happens the coming days. Otherwise, I must work with IBM.
I need to become CCNP.

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