Friday, September 18, 2009

Tough Choice - part III

I'm almost fed up with my current job. The tasks become too monotonous, and my learning curve is hitting the ground. I need an exciting job. I need a new job.
But I'm confused. On one hand I want to improve my routing&switching skills so that I could one day prepare for CCIE. On the other, I'd like a more financially-rewarding job. But The opportunity I'm offered doesn't really include routing&swiching. It's about computer&network security.
I know, I said I'll give it a try. But I'm a little afraid of the future. I'm afraid to spend the years ahead on daily non-engineer-related tasks. I feel disgusted when I'm used in low-value tasks.
I'm confused and confusion is an often too subtle sign of paranoia


  1. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Hope it turns out all right.

  2. Wassim, I was in your position two months ago. My former job was very much related to cisco & other vendor networking gear, which was great, but I was feeling I didn't learn anything new, I felt I needed a new challenge. Now, I'v changed the job, I work with MS servers, it's an exciting job and I have also found the motivation to continue my CCNP study.
    So, good luck with your new challenge.

  3. thank you guys, I'll keep you updated