Saturday, September 12, 2009

A new Turn?

Last month, I was interviewed for a position of Security & Quality Engineer. The position encompasses all the aspects of network security (solutions design, firewalls, IDS, monitoring,...), software security (patch management, code verification,...) and some management aspects (policies, writing procedures,...).
At first, I told the interviewer - who is luckily an old collegue- that I'm not really fluent in this field, because I spend the last year working solely on routing & switching. He told me to think twice and that he'll wait for my final answer.
But now, when I see my daily tasks and my career growth rate, I think he was right. I'm caught up in technician-level tasks. I'm losing my motivation at work. There's plenty of time but a lot of interruptions to do stupid tasks.
I'll pause my CCNP studies for now. Yes. I already passed BSCI this year. So I almost three years (March 2012) to finish it. As for all what I learned so far, it's not a waste of time. All that knowledge will help me one day or another.
I know, I've been "pausing" a lot of studies this year. But I'll keep adjusting it until I find the most suitable ground to grow.

Designing the security architecture of an emerging bank, with top-notch technology, that seems to be quite challenging.

So now what? I have about one month and a half to "touch" network security. I need that knowledge just in case I get another call from my last interview - and that is almost certain.
I'll give it a try. I'm not 35, so I'm still young :-). Besides, there's a damn good pay for skilled security engineers out there. And even if I don't get a call from him. No big deal! I'll add those skills to my résumé.
And who knows, maybe I'll succeed better in network security than in routing & switching :)


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