Monday, September 9, 2013

Committing to a low calories diet

Yesterday was tough. I almost ate nothing after midday. I did "Legs and Back" workout routine, and drank a liquid yogurt with a pill of Alvityl. But I still felt hungry.

I felt drouzy and heavy. I knew I would be hungry by 10pm. My wife insisted that I eat something or I would fall sick and tired. In the end, she won (kind of). I finished by eating a can of sardine.
Tonday, I have a bit of fever and am sweating in the air-conditioned office! My body is not used to this low level of calories. But I'll hold on.

One of the famous and somehow forgotten fitness tips is to get comfortable with a lower calories diet. At first I thought "well that's very easy, no more pasta!". Now I see how it is difficult to smell a hot pâté in front of me and not being "allowed" to eat it after 4pm :)

(photo credit: aldoaldoz

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