Sunday, September 8, 2013

She has bone cancer

A month ago, we've been shocked to hear that my grandma was diagnosed with bone cancer. All of us were not emotionally prepared to hear such news. We're talking here about a woman who raised me during childhood. She was my babysitter all day long.
This news tore my heart. And in general, any news of this kind will be welcomed with a lot of sadness. If you don't know about bone cancer, let me tell you what it can cause:
- water in the lungs,
- loss of appetite,
- headache,
- stomach pain

She's been at the hospital. Sure the staff was taking care of her. But that did not substitute her family. Wz visited her. I barely recognized her. She was skinny and pale. She could not speak clearly and has to vomit every now and then.

If you see a beloved person in such a situation, the first things you'll remember is the sweet moments that you've lived together. Suddenly your memory goes sharp and even the smallest details of her face are clear to you.

Then, you'll think about every possible way to blame yourself. You'll think that you're somehow responsible for what has happened to her.

This is a critical moment. You either get stuck in blame games, or learn from the situation.
There's plenty of time for grief. And that's totally normal. Grief in such times is a mark of the human being.

Rest in peace Grandma.


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