Sunday, September 8, 2013


Our parents. The two people who were the cause of our existence. We often forget that they had a lot of pain raising us. We were sick, clumsy, lousy, stupid, arrogant, annoying,..and they were always there for us.They probably felt hungry while we felt full, or warmed us up while they were feeling cold. They protected us when we were vulnerable. They gave us some form of education. They gave us their experience of life.
 There are numerous situations in which our parents demonstrated love, courage, and patience.

If you dare to say that you had bad parents and they did not raise you correctly, think for a second. Which parenting school did they attend?


They did their best to make you the guy/girl you are now. They protected you from hunger, danger, suffer, cold, heat,...

What have you done for them in return? Do you wash dishes for them? do you bring presents to them? or did you forget their phone number and you got caught in the rat race?

What Can I do?
If your parents are still alive, or even if you have one of them who's still alive, you can do one small thing:

- You can make one simple phone call just to say hello. Maybe your ego will interfere. But your ego will prevent you from a deep good feeling of happiness and peace of mind, when you hear their voices and see their smiles.
- You can send them roses on Mother's day and a watch on Father's day. Don't be cheap. They spent huge sums of money on you.
- You can visit them from time to time and asking if they're doing well. The simple fact of them seeing you is enough to put happiness in their eyes.
Go do something. tomorrow you may lose them and regret would then weigh tons.



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