Sunday, September 8, 2013

Why we call them crazy people

(photo credit:danieljordahl)

I had a childhood friend who went "mentally unstable". He used to walk along the street not talking to anyone, just observing something in the horizon that I don't know what it is to this day.
Recently, I met him in the grocery store. He seemed to be well and at ease. I was astonished to see that he's completely "normal".
I went with him for a coffee. To my surprise, he was more focused than I knew him before. He was determined to succeed. He was concentrating his efforts on his health and his career. He was even more success-oriented than I thought I was.
At one point in the conversation, I thought to myself "how could I be easily having conversation with a crazy guy? Is he really crazy? or, are crazy people smarter than normal ones?"
I believed that, in order to be a little funnier and interesting, we should have a little dose of craziness.
No we're never gonna survive unless
We are a little
Crazy - Seal

Following the road most people travel is boring and common.
Society tends to stereotype us, to clone hundreds of us, if we don't protect our thoughts and beliefs.
I found the company of a past crazy guy more interesting than the company of a regular friend. Do I have the seeds of craziness? I don't mind, as long as my ideas are untouched and constantly refined.
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