Sunday, September 8, 2013

How to Write Smart Goals

This is a simple way to write goals and to measure whether you're committed to them or not. I've taken it from Tony Robbins' Personal Power program.

W're going to identify 3 major types of goals.

Personal development goals
Who do you want to become? what character traits you want to have?how healthy do you want to become? how would your career look like? in what ways will you contribute to others?wat about your relationship with Allah?...

Thing goals
What do you want to have?what type of cars you want to own? what type of houses and where? how many rooms and swimming pools? do you want to have a Les Paul guitar with Slash signature?do you want to own a helipad?

Economic/financial goals
How much do you want to earn monthly and yearly?how much money do you want to give away?how much money do you want to save or invest?

#12 - Goals

For each type of goals:
  • power-off your mobile phone, your smart phone, your Facebook,... be with yourself
  • Put on sweet motivational music or songs on an MP3 player or on your computer. I will expose my motivational songs in another post.
  • get back to the past, and see yourself as a kid. Remember back then, how easy it is to suggest goals and dreams.
  • write down quickly all the goals that you want to achieve. Think wild. Think supernatural, as if you had Aladin's lamp 
  • do this exercise for about 5 or 6 minutes, while the music is playing.
  • after you finish step 5, give a deadline for each goal. You can put "1" to mean "in one year or less", 3 to mean "in 3 years"...
  • pick your top 3 goals of 1 year or less
  • for each goal, write down why you want it. Put all the reasons. Don"t be shy. don't beat yourself up.

Then what? 
Repeat this whole sequence for each type of goals I mentioned in the beginning of this article.
Finally, do one action for each top goal. For example, I have "healthy body" as a top personal development goal. So I got off my desk and went doing Tony's breathing exercise 10 times.

Begin now even with small goals.


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