Sunday, September 8, 2013

I attended a friday prayer near my job office. During the khotba, I was shocked by how violent the speech could be. At some time, it makes you feel like you should carry a rifle and go to war  :)
At the end, some peoples were deceived by the quality of the khotba. Others were analyzing what the Imam said. And you know what the good thing is? all the people I heard after the prayer agreed that true Islam is not carrying weapon and fighting.
True Islam is about moderation. It's about avoiding sins and spreading peace and love. I don't want to give a lesson in Islam here. I have a ton of things I stil have to learn. I'm just an apprentice :)
So whenever you heard people saying nasty things about Islam, it's a sign that they did not understand its essence.
For example, look at the media. They present Islam as terrorism. That's not true at all.
I'm a muslim and I respect all other religions. However, I don't tolerate touching the holy aspects of my religion like Mohammad PBUH or the Quran. Why? Imagine you have a dear member of your family who's being insulted and harmed in front of you. You'll know how it feels..
I don't tolerate that people accuse Islam of being the source of terrorism. Actually, there are a lot of non-muslim terrorists out there than you can count!
Let's not argue about small things. Let's not fight about land, about race, or about religion. Let's sit together and find reasonable solutions. We're humans and we're neighbors: we live on the same planet after all.


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