Sunday, September 8, 2013

I discovered Morty Lefkoe a while ago while I was searching the web for way to eliminate limiting beliefs. I read that Paul Scheele was one who used Morty Lefkoe program and testimonied that his method works. Check it here below:

I used some products from Paul Scheele, so this guy is not just a pretty face :) His testimonial about Morty's method intrigued me. So I searched for Morty's stuff on the Internet.

I found that Morty specializes in eliminating limiting beliefs. But why does he focuses on that?

Morty thinks that most of our confidence issues are somehow related to our beliefs. Whether we aknowledge it or not, most of our beliefs have been formed in our childhood, due to our parents and teachers. Whether you purchase the book version or the audio program, Morty steadily leads us to revisit our past, and heal the mental wounds. He also goes far and gives away an online application that eradicates 3 common limiting beliefs, for free! Check it out here:

What I liked about the program
  • There's one belief per session. There are 19 sessions. Each session lasts about 20 minutes. So we have about 20 minutes of work on each single belief.
  • Each session is composed of three parts: an introduction part, an analysis part and a healing part.
  • The sessions are interactive. Morty regularly urges you to answer the questions out loud, and to write down answers to his assignments. This makes learning active and puts all senses into action. Brilliant!
  • The "conditionnings" part is great. Its purpose is to make sure the old belief is really erased on a daily basis.
  • there's a section called "Who Am I Really?". This is powerful. At one point, I really felt unstoppable. This is the cherry on the cake. Listen to it each 2 or 3 sessions.
  • The order of the sessions: Morty made that order on purpose, because there are "rooted beliefs" that should be eradicated before we can tackle the "surface" belief.
  • You can listen to both Morty and Shelly in different sessions. Shelly is Morty's wife, and has a welcoming voice.
What I did not like about the program
  • At some point, the sessions seem monotonous. After a while, you can guess what Morty is going to say. Don't let that distract you. This is not an excuse for not following through!
Final verdict

Morty is doing a great job of eliminating negative beliefs, in a step-by-step fashion.
Check out the program that I've used here


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