Sunday, September 8, 2013

Shut up, Stop whining and Get a Life

The first few minutes I was listening to the audiobook, I thought that Larry was another plain fluffy guy. Later, after paying attention to what he was saying, I discovered that Larry was the kind of guy that does not care about what others say about him. This is a sign of an alpha man. This is a sign of a confident man. So, obviously, I had to continue listening to him.
What I liked about the book
- Larry is a bold guy. He does not refringe from saying tough words sometimes. He goes direct and tells what you should do and what you should not. He exposes life in its true colors. Life is not always pink. You must deal with that. That's the most important message you can get from this book.
- Larry has a great sens of humour. You can easily sense that in the stories he tells. He also calls himself "irritational speaker" instead of "motivational speaker".
Here's a little bio about Larry :
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- Larry discusses various aspects: time, money, career, finance, family, relationships, religion... from his point of view. So you'll expect to get a little from everything.

What I did not like about the book
- talking about relationships, I think Larry compares it to a candy: he says that you should not suck it all. I don't really agree with him on that point. A healthy relationship is a success catalyst for both men and women. Why should we save the juice of a relationship for the future, while we can savour it now?
- At some point, you feel Larry is putting a more and more heavy weight on your shoulders. I think he should have balanced between tough tips and motivational words, to avoid mind overload.

Final verdict
Overall, I recommend Larry's book "Shut up, Stop whining and Get a Life" to:
- fresh graduates. It allows them to see what real life is about out there,
- anyone who has been in the self motivation industry but feels stuck,
- everyone who aims at having a balanced life.

You can get it through Amazon or through Larry's official webpage.


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