Sunday, September 8, 2013

what women want men to know

I listened to the audio book version of "What Women Want Men to Know" by Barbara De Angelis when I was learning dating and pickup material.
At first, I thought Barbara was the kind of PhDs that don't know how to put their knowledge into practice. But I knew later that she was involved in more than one relationship. So she had some experience. I was wrong about her, hopefully :)
I'll share with you some of what I learned from it:
- The three secrets women appreciate men for: feeling Safe, feeling Loved, and feeling Valued: first, women want to feel safe. It's not physical safety, because most women now live in a relatively secure environments, as opposed to their ancestors who used to live in the jungle or in the desert. What Barbara talks about is emotional safety. Why? This is where our genes play their roles: cave women were used to see their men abandon them for more fertile and beatiful ones. This was the biggest fear for them, especially if they are raising children. Once their men leave them, they become vulnerable and left with no defense.
- Women are creative, and it manifests in everyday life. Learn to appreciate their creativity, even when she suggests to move furniture in the house!
- Women are always searching for ways to make their men happy. So when you get the bigger part of the pie, don't tell yourself she wants you to get fat :)
- Women enjoy the process of making love rather than sex itself! Take your time to explore her. Tell her sweet words and be the Man.
- When a woman is in love with her man, she seems like she's needy and insecure. At this stage, a man should understand that he's lucky to have such a woman in his life.
- Women have a love bank, and you can fill it three times a day with light kisses and honest love words.
What I liked about it:
- Targeted audience: Barbara begins by mentioning for whom this program is meant and why they should listen to it. Besides, this book is not only for men. It's also for women who would like their men to understand how they think and what makes them fulfilled emotionally and sexually. It can be read by both sexes and it makes a great discussion between couples.
- Clarity: Barbara's voice is sweet and enjoyable. it's not monotonous, and you won't be annoyed after a couple of minutes because the speaker could not entertain you with his voice, like in some other programs!
- presentation: anyone will find the program easy to follow. As for the content, Barbara gives some examples to make the topics easy to understand. She even gives examples from her own life.
Here's an excerpt of a presentation made by Barbara De Angelis, where she talks about "emotional baggage"

What I did not like about it:
- condensed information: there's too much theory included in the program. I recommend that you listen to it (or read it) more than once to learn it thouroughly.
- lack of detailed plan: Barbara gives ways to implement the knowledge. However, these examples are scattered along the program. So there's no specific action plan to implement them.

barbara de angelis
Final verdict: I recommend it
You may have learned some techniques to attract the woman of your dreams, and she could have fallen in love with you. Or, you may be in a relation with a great woman already. However, at some point in the relation, you may begin to feel that your woman gets needy sometimes, or she's nagging more and more. You ask yourself "How could this happen? She used to tell me I'm her prince charming!" You feel an urge to understand what's going on.
An advice I can give to couples that are about to get divorced: guys, listen to what Barbara says in "What Women Want Men to Know", evaluate your behaviours and then make your decision.
The audio version of this book is found here.
The paper version could be found here.



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